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Lets repair your credit today!
Are you ready to take charge of your life? Most people go through life and never accomplish any of their dreams because they don't have the money to do so. Everybody goes through hard times, but it's the people that get back up who excels. Lets be clear. People are not collecting money just to collect a lot of money. People are collecting money because it runs the world today. Most people don't like living in a capitalistic society and I'm not here to argue with them. People hate the rich. Why? It's because they feel that the rich are greedy. Some of them may be, but the majority of them just figured out how to play the game. They have used every tax law to their advantage. You can tell where the government wants you to put your dollars by the things they give you money back on. Learn how to create Passive and Portfolio income so that you can live life on your own terms. Join the Wealth Factor today!

Things money can buy

1: Rent.
2: Mortgage.
3: Clothes.
4: Shoes.
5: Mothers doctor bills.
6: Vacations
7: Time freedom
8: Time with your Kids
9: Time with your husband/wife.
10: Real Estate
11: Ruth Chris
12: Harry and Izzy 
13: Benz
14: Audi
15: Rolls Royce

Things poverty can buy

1: Nothing. 

Lets get to the Money! 


I am ready to take charge!

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